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GalaxyNet Enterprise

TTS is the leading innovator of Travel Industry enterprise systems and data warehousing for Travel Management Companies and corporate clients. GalaxyNet, developed in 1998, generates truly live travel management reports within an internet browser. The data is truly live because transaction data is transmitted to the reporting database within seconds of ticketing. This advanced reporting tool has been refined and enhanced over the years with many of our clients' requests and suggestions. The success of our clients compliments the overall success of TTS.

Revenue Accounting Services

GalaxyLedger, TTS' proprietary system provides automation and services necessary to manage travel accounting needs for your Travel Management Company or Corporate Travel Department. Commission Recovery, Vendor Analysis, and Revenue Accounting modules allow you to maximize revenues and cost savings while providing critical decision support information resulting in increased profits.

Fulfillment Services

Travel Technology Solutions provides cost effective travel technology and fulfillment solutions to companies maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction. TTS is a division of Travel Incorporated, founded in 1979; Atlanta’s largest independently owned travel management firm and among the largest nationally. TTS specializes in delivering proven technology and managed services that offer flexibility and scalability to the dynamic needs of businesses including Fulfillment, Revenue Accounting and Global Data Warehousing with analytical and reporting services utilizing our own proprietary platforms.
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Global Data Warehousing

Finally, an affordable solution that is robust. TTS provides a partnership solution for companies through Global Data Warehousing. Data Warehousing is the process of integrating and transforming disparate operational data into strategic business information. Ongoing expenditures for hardware, software licensing, security management, high speed data access, as well as information technology support may not be affordable. TTS allows companies to concentrate on their core business practices while projecting a technologically innovative business by leveraging TTS's proven technologies and experience. GalaxyNet is a highly scalable enterprise system that supports small businesses or even the largest Fortune 500 companies.


GalaxyNet Enterprise

TTS' GalaxyNet Enterprise system offers unparalleled analytical and reporting capabilities within the travel industry. GalaxyNet is a proprietary, decision support system intended to interpret complex transactional information so that it can be used to capitalize on the limited opportunities available within the travel industry today. Reporting features within GalaxyNet can be utilized to assist in budgeting, forecasting, performance measuring and trend analysis to help manage contractual vendor obligations and reduce controllable costs within an organization.
GalaxyNet it capable of servicing a broad range of users in a web-based environment and can easily be utilized and implemented within an Internet and Extranet environment. Security parameters can be administered for an individual user to achieve confidentiality. GalaxyNet's unique reporting parameter interface allows users the ability to easily construct ad-hoc reports to drill-down and dissect transactional information.


GalaxyNet Dashboard Analyzer & Reporting

When you need critical information at a glance, our analytical platform for managing travel is accessible by clients via an Internet browser. GalaxyNet offers a full-scale dashboard technology against four years of data, with drill-down capabilities to the passenger level. Access to more data and enhanced reports gives corporations the power to better understand and manage costs.

In order to effectively manage and control airline, car rental, hotel and other travel related costs, three elements of information are needed:
  • Financial Information
  • Control Data
  • Management Information

Management reports provide an in-depth analysis that identifies both cost-savings and cost-avoidance opportunities. GalaxyNet provides valuable tools for vendor negotiations, preferred vendor use, policy exceptions, cost center analysis and missed savings opportunities. Travel management reports will capture and analyze travel patterns and spending habits and will help corporations maximize control over their second highest controllable expense. Dashboard and reporting allow auto-scheduling and delivery to customers and internal management. In addition, search tools are provided to accounting departments for transactional research.

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